Welcome to Pizza DIXIT. Some of you might know already my website as they’ve previously subscribed to this newsletter straight from its homepage.

Established in 2015, Pizza DIXIT was originally a blog focused on my journey around the world in my quest for looking for the best Neapolitan pizza abroad (because apparently the one I could eat in my hometown of Naples was not enough).

Time has passed, and through the years the blog evolved into an all-around communication project about pizza that branches off in different ways.

This Substack newsletter wants to be the latest installment of a new part of this project that I started last year: the promotion of the Italian pizza culture for an English-speaking audience. This project involves the new English blog, the weekly Pizza Cultura room on Clubhouse and an upcoming English podcast.

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Giuseppe A. D'Angelo

"Pizzatrotter" (n.): a fool who's never content with the pizza he's eating and needs to travel around always in search of the next best one.